Doing Business The American Way,Watching The Bankers

I received a newsletter from an informative magazine called Scoopified, Spring 2011, Nr. 22.  I am passing it on and know you’ll learn something. “Americans, living in what is called the richest nation on earth, seem always to be short on money.  Wives and husbands are working overtime just to make ends meet. Much of this trouble can be traced to our present debt-money system. When you take out a mortgage, your signed promissory note or promisery note is a negotiable instrument under the Uniform Commercial  Code, and it is used to fund your mortgage. All monies and interest that repay the mortgage are pure profit to the bank.  Non-disclosure by the banks,  created by the bank of this important fact can be legal grounds to have your mortgage taken off the books and forgiven. Just like the Federal Reserve, the banks create money “out of thin air.”   Who is paying for the banks’ profits? All of us through added inflation.  This is shocking and eye-opening information on an unprecedented money scam perpetrated on the entire nation.  A long-overdue education for most of us.  Fight inflation.  Get rid of your bank and join a Credit Union.  (Source:  Scoopified, BANKERS FLEECING AMERICA) THE GREAT AMERICAN RIP-OFF: What is the greatest financial scam in world history? Chances are you won’t even consider the Federal Reserve (FED) to be the recipient of that dubious honor. The FED, a privately owned and tax-exempt bank that is dominated by foreign bankers, obtains Federal Reserve Notes from the U. S. Treasury for roughly 3 cents each, whether it is a one dollar bill or a $50,000 bill. They then sell it back to us at face value, and charge interest for “loaning” it to us. Privately owned expansion and illegal usury of the nation’s money supply is equivalent to state-sanctioned COUNTERFEITING and ECONOMIC PARASITISM.  That is why we have a $8 Trillion plus National Debt, an amount greater than the value of all real property in the country. America is now legally bankrupt.

Can you see what is happening here?  Can you understand that we, as American citizens, have no real money of our own?  So strong is the foreign Bankers stranglehold on America that our government cannot print its own tax-free money for its own citizens. If they could there would be no UNEMPLOYMENT, NO INFLATION, NO RECESSIONS OR  EXCESSIVE TAXES, ETC,  and no astronomical National Debt. ( Source: Scoopified). There is no difference between Republican, Democratic, or Independent it doesn’t matter who is in office.  The bankers control our nation and the world. stay tuned for pt 2

the voice of reason

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